Contest Rules

Entertainer of the Month is a contest between the cities that are represented by Local City Scene ( Each representative from each city will be the spokes model for Local City All votes during that month will be calculated to an overall winner for that month. The winner by votes will be in the final voting conducted during December 2017 for Entertainer of the Year. Out of the 180 competitors, fifteen cities by twelve months, an additional 5 competitors will be added to the December 2017 final voting. The last five competitors will be chosen by the best voting performance over the entire year. We will take each days total votes to determine an accurate weighted average so that it is fair for the Entertainers that have had twelve months of voting and the Entertainers that have been competing for only one month. The voting limit is one vote per IP address per 24 hours.   Entertainer of the Year will be announced in January 2016 and the winner will be awarded $100,000.00 and a 1 year contract as Spokes Model for Local City Scene.